The Homeward Bound Board

These are a few of the people who make the action of finding Forever Homes a little easier



Jen is the driving force behind the group. She is the one who says let’s try to get one more adopted this week even though we are tired. She has faith in what we are doing and she has faith in the people she works with. Director knows best after all. 😁



Becky has the most basic thought that drives her to do the best she can in this area… ‘Save a dog and help them be happy’. Becky will go above & beyond to make this happen. It’s a testament to her soul. 😇🐶



Maggie is the puppy lover of the group. She is the lead application processor and scheduler. Puppies beware, Maggie and her kisses are coming! 🐶💋



Justin is the paperwork, inventory, adoption schedule management, social media, archive database management, grant writing & volunteer coordinator guy. Oh yea, he has 7 pugs too. 🐶x7